Cost saving platforms for BUC, Administration and Client Management

Auto Schedule

  • Schedule of Completion Tracking
  • Progress Visuals and Summaries
  • Multiple client management


  • Payment calculations
  • Outstanding payments visuals
  • Easy follow up

Alerts & Notifications

  • Reminders
  • Advises when clients to be notified
  • Manages many client notifications, amounts, actions, due dates


  • Fully automated Customisable EDH
  • Mail merge
  • Simple bulk document handling
  • Manage for all parties of BUC process


  • Simple communications
  • Advise multiple clients and parties
  • Easy operation


Our platforms ensure business can do more with less

Developer Building Under Construction (BUC) Platform

Our Developer BUC platform takes care of the administrative processes required by Developers over the course of the 2.5 years of project development. Learn more...

Schedule of Payments
Communications with Client’s Solicitors
Document Handling
Alerts and Messaging

Other Products

At 42 we also develop platforms for other industries that serve consumers and operate or operate in B2B capacity. A third element of our charter is consumer solutions, where we help modernise outmoded consumer markets and access.

The Founders

Carl Hampel

BEc, MCom. Designer of industry process engineering systems; consumer information systems; property valuation systems. Founder of PPT – which provided bank valuation systems, purchased by Core Logic. Work experience in UK; Singapore; Australia; US.

William Lai

LLB Hons; PBM. Extensive business and consumer analytic systems experience. Designed multiple patented systems for industry process re-engineering. Multiple successful business ventures. Founder of Analytics, research and finance businesses. Extensive international work experience.

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